Hello everybody! Another milestone has passed and we are back with some exciting updates!

New vault alarm system

During the mission players will have the chance to access a vault full of valuables and loot. Our lead dev Juho implemented a new alarm system. When the players get in to the vault, an alarm will be triggered and enemies will spawn to try and stop the player.

New weapon

A new weapon has been added to the game: the lupara. This dangerous hunting weapon, made popular by the Sicilian mafia, is very similar to a double barrel shotgun, but shorter.

FMOD implementation

Finally, our composer and sound designer Dario, with the help of our project manager Mika, successfully implemented all the game audio with the middleware FMOD. Thanks to this, we can manage the audio more in depth and professionally.

New player UI

To replace the placeholder player UI, our 2D artist Suvi designed a more readable and exciting version. Even though it took some time and effort, it turned out pretty cool!

Loot bar

Our 2D artist Suvi redesigned the loot bar UI to be more noticeable and polished.

New Co-op mechanics

From our latest playtest we realized that the game needs more co-op mechanics. Especially our game designer Mika is continuously coming up with new interesting ideas! One mechanic that we already implemented, is the objects carriable by multiple players. Many other mechanics are still development, but we plan to implement them soon.

Improvements and fixes

-Shader fixes

-Better player controls

-Better player character animations

-Horde Mode improvements

-Better aiming system

We are getting closer to Christmas, and we have planned one more milestone before the holidays. Remember, that you can download and test a demo build of Wild Rails by joining our discord server! And, as our Italian team member Dario would say… bella raga! See you soon!

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