Dev Log #2 – Road to demo

Hi again! In this post blog we’ll show you about our progress towards our first official demo event that was held April 26th at Oulu Game Lab premises here in Oulu, Finland. There was good amount of developers showing out their games and people playing them and through the event we got valuable feedback, so thank you for coming and testing our and other people’s games!

Before the demo event we had to polish the demo level as it still was quite crude with placeholder models and textures.

The topmost image shows progress before demo event. In the middle one there’s updated models and textures, and the last one has the added vault room.

First Demo version included only 2 enemy types, Revolver, Shotgun and Health Pickup. On second version we added new wagon textures and tested out a grappling hook but ended leaving it out for now. On last Demo version we also added 1 new enemy type, a Rifle and a Machine Gun and also a Shield Barrier. We also made the level a bit longer and added a vault room in the last train carriage where there’s masses of valuable safes for players to loot and complete the level.

Basic gameplay was completed for the Demo which includes looting trains, basic gun combat, pickups and different enemies. Here’s some examples you can expect from the game (work still very much in progress 😉 )

Players have to carry and throw loot from trains to their Heist Wagons to meet the target amount of money.
Player 2 clears the way with Shotgun while Player 1 carries a loot chest.
Player 2 picking up and using a Rifle which is a powerful one shot weapon requiring accuracy from the player.
Player 1 protecting with (placeholder) Shield Barrier while enemies push towards players.
Players must use Heist Wagons as platforms to move between trains.
Players clearing a passenger carriage with narrow corridors.
Getting rid of enemies with Machine Guns spewing sprays of lead.
In the end there’s a reward in form of masses of valuable loot to claim as your own.

Next steps in development to upcoming build will include polishing. Game controls still need work like finding the optimal button layout and smoothing out aiming which was a problem for some players who were not accustomed to twin stick shooters. Demo map needs a more refined environments and a better tutorial. Shield Barrier will get a new model and sounds. All the sounds and animations in the game are being polished. Some bugs are still being fixed but the progress looks great.

Take care and well see you next time!

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