Dev log #1 – Welcome to Wild Rails

Hello dear reader! Welcome to our development blog where we write about our journey of making a game called Wild Rails.

Wild Rails is a fast-paced twin-stick shooter game for 1-4 players where objective is to complete different kinds of missions taking place in levels that consist of multiple randomized trains. Players have to defeat enemies with an arsenal of different weapons and carry valuable items and mission objectives back to safety of their Heist Wagons.

The game depends on player co-ordination and efficient use of different items (like grappling hooks and shield barriers) that allow players to overcome obstacles in multiple ways.

The idea for the game came from basic premise of hectic multiplayer action happening on moving and changing platforms that players have to navigate while trying to defeat enemies and carry stuff to safety. Moving platforms quickly evolved to cartoonish trains that can have unrealistic train carriages allowing more movement and interesting variations and features. As now we don’t have to keep things too much grounded in reality, we can throw in multiple parallel train track “highways” that allows us to place more than one train side by side for players to navigate and wage mayhem in.

Screenshot from a prototype we made for the game.

To take the cartoon aspect further we decided to make characters of the game to be different kinds of animals to easily give them bit more personality and differentiation. It started from an idea about connecting Wild West theme with “wild” animals and after first iterations which included some kinds of mutants as end results of human-animal hybrid experiments we just went with good ol’ regular cartoony anthropomorphic animals inhabiting the game world.

Concept art for one playable character in Wild Rails.

Right now we are working hard to make the first playable “demo” version of the game ready for summer after which we aim to complete and release full version in the early 2020. We will be updating this blog as development progresses so stay tuned!

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